About Bella Donna Hair Design

Donna's Story


"I've always wanted to design hair":

From the time Donna was a little girl, she wanted to style hair. As a 2yr old, she would line her dolls up and style their hair daily, until they had no hair left! One day she even died her white poodle, with green food coloring! Now, after being in the business for 20 years, Donna still loves to style and color hair.  And, she's very good at it!

Donna visited the Seascape area every summer with her parents, from the time she was a baby. She has always enjoyed the beach as much as she's enjoyed hair styling. After many years of visiting, she moved to the Aptos area in the early 1980's. In addition to loving to style hair, Donna loves her family, traveling, the ocean, cooking, anything tropical, and of course mermaids. You'll see all of this when you visit the shop! She has a huge heart, and put's all she has into all she does.

Donna's customers know that she is very good at listening to her client's needs, and if you show her a photo of what you want, she will match it perfectly. Her passion is to give her client's an experience that they will never forget. Her speciallty is hair color. She knows, by intuition, what colors to use for every client. Donna keeps track of every client's needs, and any changes that come about over their visits.

Jeanine, who is Donna's "right hand woman", is an expert at nails. She's been a cosmotologist since whe was 18. She has a gift with children, specializing in men and boys cuts. She also is very popular with women in their later years, understanding their needs and giving them lots and lots of love! Jeanine is also a world traveler, and it's fun to hear her stories of traveling as a young girl in a military family.